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  • Two thirds of people in the UK
    die without leaving a will

    You can now make your will online in minutes at a fraction of the cost with simple multiple choice questions.

    Rest assured all Wills returned to us are checked by a Will Writer.

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    Single Wills just £29.50
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    Try our online system with no obligation to pay until after you've completed and reviewed your will.

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Very satisfied with the way my will has been handled . So easy to check my will on-line . Communications are dealt with in a friendly speedy way .
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  • No complicated forms - just simple questions.
  • Returned Wills are checked by a qualified will writer.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £2.5 million.
  • 100% legally valid document.
  • Free updates to your will online.
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Is it legal?

Yes. People often worry about whether to make a will online but provided the Will is correctly worded, signed and witnessed it is just as legal as if you made a Will with a solicitor.

With our binding and checking service we make sure it is correctly worded and provide you with specific instructions on how to correctly have it signed and witnessed.

Therefore our will service is able to provide you with a perfectly legal will without the time and expense required in visiting a solicitor.

How it works
You simply fill in our online questionnaire which gathers all the essential information that is required to produce your online Will. Completing this form should only take a few minutes but your details are saved, so if needed you can stop and return at a convenient time to continue where you left off.
Once the questionnaire is completed our system then formulates this into a PDF which will form the draft basis of your online Will. Once you complete the payment, you are then able to print, bind and attest the document to form your legal and valid Will. If you would like us to check the document simply return it to us and we will carry out a free legal check. If you would like us to create the final legal and professionally bound document on your behalf simply order our binding and checking service. One of our Will Writers then looks over your will to check the information you have entered. We then email you to confirm it is valid or to advise you on any changes you need to make before we can approve it. 
With your will confirmed valid it is ready for you to sign so you can either print it off or await a hard copy in the post.  You are then free to return to the site at any time in the future to update and make changes to your will as needed for no extra charge. (Of course ensuring that everytime you change your Will you repeat the printing, binding and attestation process)

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Single Will or Mirror Wills?

If you are a couple and wish to leave all your assets to each other then you could save money by making  Mirror Wills. You can also use Mirror Wills if you whish to leave your estate to the same beneficiaries. 
If you wish to leave different legacies, appoint different executors or you would like to specify individual funeral wishes then you will need to make two Single Wills.
single will mirror will